Y5-9 Residential Trip To Tongyeong

HFS is proud to announce a two night-three day residential trip for Y5-9 students that will take place from the 26th to the 28th April. We are once again fortunate to have secured the services of Adventure Korea (www.adventurekorea.com) who have been tailoring trips for school groups for a number of years, and come with a very good reputation. The cost of the trip will be around 385 000 Korean Won (for a minimum of 30 students. Should we get fewer students this cost will rise).

These trips have proved popular in the past and offer so many learning experiences for students that they don’t necessarily get within the confines of an educational establishment. The theme this year is a mixture of cultural, environmental, and adventure/challenge with opportunities for mountain walking, fishing and kayaking. Students will also learn how to make a fire, visit a maritime museum, fish farm, and a forest school, participate in team building activities, and will cook a meal. Sleeping arrangements will include one night of camping and one night in a resort.

Having had personal experience of this kind of trip in the past I can honestly say the student gains so much in terms of learning new skills, coping with the environment, knowing his or her physical and mental capabilities and limitations, confidence building, a  sense of achievement and accomplishment, social skills, developing a love, and respect  for the outdoors which will hopefully be carried on through to adulthood, and just experiencing many activities that they might never have done before.

Whilst the trip is not compulsory there is a lot to be gained from signing up as explained above. However, for any student that does not sign up there will be school as normal, which they will be expected to attend.

The basic itinerary is as follows;

Day 1- setting up camp on arrival at Tongyeong Camping, maritime museum visit, fish farm visit, fishing, team building activities, cooking meal, camp fire.

Day 2- Gangguan harbor visit to see turtle ships and wall painting village, sea kayaking, forest school visit, check in at Tongyeong Marina, skits/games.

Day 3- Cable car to Mt Mireuk., walk to summit. Descend mountain (walking and cable car in reverse). Return to school after lunch.

If you wish to secure a place for your child please complete the sign up form (I will have these and will give them out to all Y5-9 classes next week) and return with the deposit to the school office by Friday 10th March.

It is very important you disclose fully all medical and dietary information on the sign up form, and let us know of any medicine that your child will need to take whilst on the trip.

PE Happenings In Week 6

Spring arrived early this week in PE, and so we have been able to use the pitch, which was just as well as we were turfed out of the hall to give a modicum of  peace and quiet to the Y5-9’s on their assessment week. It got so warm on one day I had to resort to taking off one coat instead of the regular two (although hat and gloves remained).

Students over in the EYC played “sun and frost” tag, and attempted to throw frisbees, although a stiff breeze resulted in the objects either flying backwards over the throwers head, or else ending up in the car park depending on whether you were up or down wind.

Y1 and Y2 classes enjoyed line tag and scatter dodgeball, and Y3/4 improved their ball handling skills with three court dodgeball.

Tail tag once again proved a great aerobic activity for Y5-9 students, although tempers can get frayed and the atmosphere charged! One student handed in a “lost” tail 3 hours after the lesson, after feeling discomfort when sitting down in class!

Y5/6 continued with Handball, although one class struggled with transferring the skills learned inside the hall, to the pitch, so it looked more like Basketball and Benchball for the most part.

Y7/9 have commenced a Badminton unit, and were honing their racket skills although Andrei didn’t get much time to improve as he lost his shuttle on the ceiling girders.

Someone says it will be colder next week——best dig out that second coat again methinks.


Cancelled Sports Clubs For Mr Moss Today

Due to an injury, and the need to rest up as much as possible I am cancelling both my Y5-9 Football , and Y3-6 Multi-Sports Clubs. They will resume again next week.

Many thanks for your cooperation and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Non Marking Sports Shoes

Just a reminder that all students should be wearing non- marking sports shoes when taking part in either PE lessons, or clubs in the hall. Recently there has been a lot of ugly black marks on the hall floor which is time consuming to remove for the ancillary staff.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

PE Happenings in Weeks 3 and 4

Hopefully Week 5 will bring a modicum of normality to the PE programme, following the hectic last couple of weeks of Seollal.

We were the wandering nomads in Week 3, as the hall was largely out of action due to New Year rehearsals, and sometimes even had to resort to lessons in the Music room complete with pianolas and drums! Fortunately nothing was broken! It meant the Gymnastics unit on balance had to be drastically adapted, and even shelved in some cases (which thoroughly pleased some students!)

Opportunity was taken to improve students aiming skills by throwing small plastic rings frisbee style onto pegs at varying distances. Nikshitha in Y3/4 proved adept at this, and as a result gained a “Sports Tiger” Award.

In the times when the hall was available we developed the static aiming skills by playing a team game where the objective was to knock over the other teams cone, and the winner was the one still left standing after all other teams cones were on the floor. Defending was not such an easy task with three teams, and three balls all trying to eliminate you—at the same time!

Y5/6, and Y7/9 also worked on their poster presentations for Mayan Games, and Volleyball respectively. Some excellent work was produced which can be seen on the PE wallboard’s in both school buildings. Some students from Y5/6 Dunedin presented their findings during last weeks assembly. Y7-9 will have their turn later on.

Finally, we have started a Handball unit with the older students which everyone seemed to enjoy, with the possible exception of Matthew in Y7-9 who landed somewhat heavily on the floor after competing for a ball with an opponent. Thankfully he was to make a rapid recovery and re-join the game after a few minutes.

Bring on the routine of the 5 day working week!