Term 1 Week 11 Update

Well we made it! We had an exciting week and are now ready for break! It was great having the CIS team in to visit us. They learned a lot about our classroom and the children were eager to talk to them.

We finished off our Press It! Click It! unit with this week focusing a lot on sound. On Monday we went into the hall and played some of Mr. Green’s instruments. We had a great time making noise and also pretending to be noisy marching robots. We also played a game where a blindfolded student had to find the machine (another student) making noise and turn them off. I’m amazed at this class’s keen sense of hearing!

We had a look at an interactive story book and really dove deep into what it could do. When we were finished we used a laminated picture and some of Ms. Yuli’s marker’s to make a mockup of a page of an interactive book.

Then we read the book Robot Rumpus about a bunch of robots who couldn’t do their jobs. We wrote our own book about robots who could help us. Ms. M recorded audio for some of the pages for students who were feeling brave and turned it into a Google Slideshow which you can view here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1GSegT8jgKAT1PBNZSPtCgG8zcdug41viOpEFH3Vwj7k/edit?usp=sharing

We explored a multitude of soundscape boxes in the hall, listening closely to determine if the sounds inside the box matched the sounds outside the box. Then we made our own sound boxes which we used in our Exit Point on Friday.

Finally we listened to some music and painted how the music made us feel. The students had a great time with that!

Thank you so much to parents who sent homework in with their children on Friday. The students are begining to look forward to sharing their homework and we have time set aside every Friday for share time. (Incidentally, there was no homework this week. Enjoy the break!)

For our Exit Point we had a lot of our learning set up in the Hall and invited Mr. de Klerk and Mr. Dunn’s class in to explore it with us. Everyone had a great time.

As part of our Exit Point, we made how-to videos teaching the right way to was your hands. Please enjoy these videos.

That’s it for this update, it is long enough. I will make a brief house-keeping update shortly to keep you informed of important information for the upcoming last half of term including a permission slip for our upcoming trip! Keep your eyes open!

Have a great holiday and we’ll see you Monday!