Term 2 Week 2 Update

Wow! We made it through the first full week of school. I’m not sure who’s more tired, the kids or me?! We had a great time learning through play this week.

In our unit Chattering Children we began by learning everyone’s name in a variety of ways. We played name games. We received mail from our class friend Mr. Mole and practiced handing it out to different people. We’re not only learning to recognize our own names, we’re learning to recognize the names of our classmates. What a solid start to reading! After we got mail, we made envelopes and wrote letters ourselves to bring home.

We also practiced asking questions. We put Mr. Mole in the “hot seat” and interviewed him. Sadly we had no child volunteers to sit in the hot seat. That kind of activity will become easier to participate in as the children get more comfortable with each other. Then we got a box of new dress-up toys and spent a lot of time pretending to be someone other than ourselves. (Those interviews I did on the voice recorder are still being processed. I am looking for a way to post them).

Finally we went searching for different animals, pretended to move like animals, and made animal sounds! How exciting.

We also began our literacy centres practicing Word Work and Working on Writing. Our word work was making play dough letters to hone our fine motor skills and working on writing saw us writing any letter or word we knew in our special blue writing books. Lots of children practiced writing their names and the alphabet.

PE was a hit playing Red Light Green Light and a variety of other games.

And of course we had plenty of play time!

Library books and homework were sent home today. If you have any questions about the homework – or anything at all – please do not hesitate to contact me at mariemcclellan@hyundaiforeignschool.com

Have a wonderful weekend. Stay dry. And we’ll see you next week!