Term 1 Week 1 Update

Wow! What a whirlwind couple of days we’ve had! It’s so exciting to see our new faces and returning faces. I am so pleased to have your wonderful children in my class this year.

We’ve spent the past two days doing a lot of getting to know each other through activities and a lot of play. We are practicing each others’ names a lot. We had a great game where we rolled a GIANT ball to one another and practiced saying each person’s name. We also started getting in the academic routine by making a beautiful rainbow with torn paper as a guided activity. We also really enjoyed all the art supplies, toys, and play dough in the class.

From next week we will be having our classes according to the timetable posted on the sidebar. Our first IEYC unit will be Chattering Children where we focus on getting to know each other, ourselves, our feelings, and communicating with oral language. More information about our curriculum will be posted very soon.

Some housekeeping notes:

Library Books – your children brought home a folder with a book in it. This came from our school library and is theirs to keep for the week. Please read it together with them. Reading with your child is proven to be one of the top markers of academic success as they progress through school. Please return the book, in the book bag, on Friday. They will have the opportunity to bring another book or two home then.

Homework – a very small amount of homework will be sent home each week, also in the book bag, on Fridays. This week’s is a get-to-know-you survey to be filled our with a caregiver’s help and also a sheet directly for the caregiver. Please return homework by Friday. Homework is not meant to be stressful. If it is too much or causing conflict at home please reach out to me so we can work something out. Do not stress yourself over it and certainly don’t stress your child over it.

PE Clothes – Every Tuesday morning we have PE. It would be nice if the children could wear their grey PE uniforms but it is not necessary. Appropriate footwear is necessary. We will be doing a lot of running and jumping and other vibrant activity so please make sure your child is wearing appropriate shoes.

Masks – COVID-19 is still with us. It is important that your child do their best to wear their mask at all times indoors. As there is no mask mandate outdoors, children are welcome to take their mask off on the playground but indoors we must wear them. Please help me encourage your child to wear their mask.

That’s it for this week! Have a lovely weekend and we’ll see you back and ready to learn on Monday!