Term 3 Week 3 Update

Well we started the week with a bang! Our trip to the Toy Library was fabulous! In the interests of making this post readable, I will post those photos at the end of the update.

On Tuesday we went fishing! We used a stick and a magnet on a rope to catch a wonderful selection of colorful fish. Once we caught our fish we worked with some math concepts comparing our fish. We saw who had pairs or even more of one kind in their fishing bucket. We counted how many of each type of fish there was and compared more, less, or the same, of each type of fish. We also investigated the relative sizes of the fish.

In PE on Tuesday we continued to play some fish-related games. We played a game called “Fish on the Line” where we pretended we were fishes swimming around the space. Then, when the teacher called “Fish on the Line!” everyone lined up and made a train to swim together. We also played a game called “Fish in the Net” where we had to scramble around the space catching fish (balls) and bringing them back to the net. Finally we learned a dance about sharks with Miss Linky on Youtube.

On Wednesday we learned abut our bodies by dancing to a few songs like the “Hokey Pokey” and “Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes” and moved that into discussing different types of clothing that covered different parts of our bodies. Then we made a fabric collage of an outfit for a picture of ourselves!

On Friday, after our great day off, we looked at different toy packaging and had a little introduction to design where we designed our own package for a toy. Many children wanted to make a box for a toy rabbit.

And, without further ado, here are the photos from our wonderful trip to the Toy Library.