Term 3 Week 1 Update

Hello and welcome back! Before I begin, I would like to address library books.

The children have a book folder that they bring home new library books every Friday. The folder does not need to be returned until the following week on Friday at which point they can get new books. I hope this clarifies any confusion about the book bags.

Now I would like to begin by giving a warm welcome to our newest classmate, Cecilia! Our class sure is growing!

Of course since it is a new term, we have begun a new unit. We’re learning about toys – how they’re made, buying and selling, our favorite toys and more! This unit is called My Toy Shop.

We began when a mysterious stranger left us many boxes of toys to open. They left us a letter and signed it The Toymaker! We’ve worked on sorting toys by different attributes such as color, size, shape, and and texture (a definite maths link). We also arranged some toys from biggest to smallest and of course we’ve been counting lots of toys.

We brought our favorite toys from home and worked on describing them. But oh no! they went missing and we had to create missing posters for them. Fortunately they were found and brought back to their rightful owners.

We found some mischievous teddy bears hidden around the class so we had a picnic with them and then they went on an adventure around the school which we photographed. We’ll be making a book about their adventures next week.

In one of our books that we read, Kipper’s Toy Box there was a character called Sock Thing and we made our own Sock Things out of paper bags!

In Phonics we’re working in whole-group this week to review some letter sounds. We’re also working on letter formation to get those fine motor skills going.

We’ve also had lots of creative play. The students are enjoying making little tents and dens with blankets and some clips! They sure got cozy nestled in there.

That’s all for this week! We’ll see you next week. Have a wonderful weekend.