Term 1 Week 15 Update

Just a quick, late (sorry) update. But before we start I would like you to send your children on Friday for the Winter Show wearing red or green or other festive colors in keeping with the Christmas season. There are no big costumes to wear.

Now onto the update:

In Maths we continued measurement. We looked at taller and shorter as well as heavier and lighter.

In Phonics we studied the letters E, Y, and D.

In Writer’s Workshop we had some free exploration of the stories we were writing. I am so glad to see the students really starting to use letters and trying to write words in their stories.

In IEYC we continued with our Loose Parts unit. We looked at sound by making shakers. We looked at light with flashlights and colored cellophane to make the flashlight shine different colours. We also made shadow puppets. We also tested our fine motor skills by trying to open some locks with keys and put some nuts onto bolts.

In our Morning Meeting we started learning some techniques to help calm our amygdalas. We learned about mindful breathing and we even ate a raisin mindfully – fully experiencing the sensations around taste.

And of course, we went on our trip. The students had an amazing time painting all over the walls at the art cafe.

That’s it for this week. I hope to see you all Friday for our Winter Show!