Term 1 Week 3 Update

Wow! There was a lot happening this week in Ms. M’s class.

In Maths we finished off our unit on Numbers 1-5 and began our unit on Sorting and Classifying. We practiced writing our numbers using games and worksheets and did a lot of hands-on work ordering numbers 1-5. We also learned about the number 0 and how that means there are absolutely none of something. We finished off our unit with the song Five Little Ducks and did a small roleplay where everyone got to be a duck and had to sit down when their number was called. When we began sorting and classifying we used a variety of methods to look at things that are the same or different than each other. We worked in pairs one day to line up matching objects from a bag and the next day we made sure our objects were different. It was a lot of fun.

In Phonics we looked at the letters K-O. The students really are starting to learn their letter sounds!

In Writer’s Workshop we began applying those letter sounds to our stories by adding “labels” to our illustrations. For example, if a student drew a story about a cat, perhaps they could sounds out C-C-CAT and write the letter “C” next to their cat. This is our goal for Writer’s Workshop this unit and we’ll be working more and more towards this goal as time goes on.

In IEYC we played with the keys we made last week while hunting around the classroom for a treasure box. But! When we found it, it was empty so we made some treasure ourselves to go into it. Finally we wrote some cards to send home in the mail. Please keep an eye on your mailbox over the coming days. I’m not sure when they will be coming as they are traveling through Korea Post but it should be too long. Then we moved onto our next learning block about when we were babies and our families. We made a poster of our families (thank you for sending those photos) and we did a matching game on the interactive board putting our baby pictures together with our school photos. Finally, we made an “I Can” book about all the things we might be able to do now that we’re not babies. anymore.

That’s it for this week. Lots of excellent learning. And of course, we played.