Weekly Update – T1W14

Hello and Happy Friday!

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! Our elves made an appearance yesterday and what joy they have brought to the class already!  They will be giving the children kindness challenges each morning to complete. Some of them involve helping mum or dad so don’t be surprised if your child voluntarily starts to tidy up their room 😊 Each night when the children go home the elves report back to Santa how good they have been. Sometimes the elves are naughty and play in the classroom doing silly things 😜  The children know that the elves will lose their special powers if they are touched so they have been very good at not touching them so far! 🙂 The elves (Sim and Temple) were naughty this morning and wrote all over the board!

We started our Christmas book countdown and have enjoyed two stories so far. Thank you all for wrapping them up so nicely! It’s amazing how much more exciting something becomes if it is wrapped up.

Our rehearsals are going well and the children are becoming more and more confident with their lines. We are all so excited to show you our little play. Not long to go now!

In Maths this week we studied ‘Money’ in Year 2 and ‘Position’ in Year 1. The students enjoyed some fantastic tuff tray learning from Ms Temple and the Year 2 students have thoroughly enjoyed using coins to help them learn. 

In English this week we finished looking at the poem “I got the rhythm” and have started a new poem called “Red is a dragon” This poem explores colours and what each one reminds us of.  The students had great fun investigating colours and exploring rhythm and rhyme.

In IPC, the students successfully made their own treasure chests. They learned that pirates rarely buried their treasure but they did use chests to store things that were important to them. The students were asked to write down and draw three objects that are important to them and put them in their treasure chests. It’s interesting to see what things are important to different people. We also looked at our science tasks and couldn’t believe how some people used to think the Earth was flat! Luckily science is able to show us that the Earth is a huge sphere. 

We were super impressed with the students’ knowledge and contributions to the lesson! 

 This week we have been working on our “Kind Words” destination! Slowly but surely we are getting better and better at thinking about what we say to each other. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! 

See you all next week!

Take care,

Mrs Sim