Weekly Update – T1W12

Dear Parents,

It has been a great first week back after the mid-term break. It was lovely to see the students again and hear all about their adventures.

We have lots of exciting things happening in the lead up to Christmas!

Field Trip

Next Tuesday 22nd November, We will be going to Ochi-gol Park in Buk-gu for a fun-filled day of treasure hunts, climbing and playing pirates! 😀

We will be leaving school at 9:30am and returning at 3:15pm in time for clubs/bus home.

Ms Temple and I will be taking the children and we would love for some parents to come and join in the fun. If you are able  to join us please could you email me and let me know. Thank you!

What do we need to bring with us?

  • Snack (Two snacks might be a good idea as they may get hungry before we leave after all the playing we will be doing😊).
  • Lunch that does not need to be heated (Sandwiches, kimbap, rice balls are good options).
  • Warm jacket. 
  • Water Bottle
  • Comfortable shoes and clothing

Thank you to those who have filled in the consent form. If you haven’t yet filled it in please do so by Monday 21st November Here is the link to the form

Christmas Play

For this year’s Christmas Show Ms Temple has kindly and enthusiastically written a short poem/play for the children to perform. It fits in nicely with our current English unit and the children are super excited! They have all been given their parts and we will be working on it in class from now up until the Winter Show. As the Year 1 students cannot YET (:)) read their lines, it would be great if you could practise with them at home by reading their lines to them and having them repeat them. They have been sent home along with their homework in their files.  We are hoping to have all the lines memorised so that the children can confidently perform the play. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Here are some pictures from our fun week of learning!

This was a fantastic activity about how the paper felt went people said unkind things to it!
Smiling faces.
Designing our bedroom maps!
Working hard.
Year 2 tuff tray.
Year 1 Tuff Tray
Min’s beautiful bedroom map.
How many cars do we have?
Learning addition through play
Never Eat Soggy Waffles! North East South West 😉
Consolidation lesson with the x and o game!

Homework folders

Just a friendly reminder to bring the homework bag in the folders with the handles. It just makes it easier to send it home and stops it from getting crumpled in bags :). 

Have a lovely weekend and see you all on Monday! 🙂