Weekly Update T1W10


What an end to the week! The children have gone home with happy hearts and lots of sugar!

We all had a great time at the Halloween Party this afternoon. They might not be ready for dinner thanks to all the kind donations and homemade treats. Mr Green has taken professional photos of the children in their costumes and these will be uploaded in his weekly newsletter.

In English this week we wrote postcards to Ms Leah’s class thanking them for coming to our wellness centre. The students designed their own postcards and wrote messages on the back. We even turned our classroom into a post office where the students pretended to buy stamps and put their postcards in the letter box….which they made themselves! Ms Leah’s class were so grateful when we delivered the postcards to them! Sorry that some of the children got a little bit of paint on their clothes. We tried really hard not to but it was a tricky.

In IPC this week, we started our exciting new unit “Treasure Island” and we looked at all the different things we’re going to learn about this unit. We had so much fun trying to get across the ‘river’ using only two pieces of paper! Teamwork-yay! We made predictions to True or False questions we don’t know the answers to, and at the end of the unit we will answer those questions again. I wonder if we will have the same answers? We also made a display for the unit. The children all worked very hard.

We also looked at Google Earth and the students took turns sharing where their parents are from, so we could all look at those countries together. We learnt that some countries are big, some are small, some are islands, and some touch other countries.

In PE, we had great fun doing a variety of relays. The children enjoyed taking part in the relays and did a fantastic job at creating their own!

Homework and Library books went home today as usual.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Here are some pictures from our fun week of learning.

Take care,

Mrs Sim