Weekly Update T1W9


I hope you are all well and had a nice week.

We have had a very eventful week with lots of great learning happening. I must admit it was quite a rollercoaster of emotions and we have been working very hard overcoming obstacles in our new Positive Pathways journey. Our new destination (goal) for this week and next is to use kind hands. We are working on keeping our hands to ourselves and being mindful of our movements when lining up and playing. So far we are stuck on a big rock (Our Obstacle) and we are going to have to spend some time next week trying to get over it. 

In Maths this week, we have continued on with our unit on Geometry and the students have enjoyed exploring shapes and their properties. We have had a fun shape maze tuff tray, a sorting shape tuff tray and we even designed our own pictures using shapes. Year 2 have been exploring symmetry and they were challenged to complete pictures that were halved in two on their tuff tray. It was a little tricky at times but we used our growth mindset and kept on persevering.We will all be starting to look at fractions next week and I can’t wait to get my pizza shapes out to help them learn! 

In rotations the children have been working well on their phonics (Year 1) and guiding reading (Year 2). It is great to see the progress they are making and the spelling tests today showed fantastic progress. Thank you to you all for spending time with the children doing their homework. It isn’t always easy, I know! 🙂 

In IPC, we finished up our unit on The Zones of Regulation and we finished off on a high. The children are able to confidently identify how they are feeling, what zone they are in and what would help them get back to the green zone. Yay! We will be officially opening our Zen Den next week and I hope it brings comfort to the children in times of need. 

We had an amazing lesson for our exit point where Ms Temple created a Wellness Centre with the students. We had three stations, “Colour Monsters”, “Yoga” and “Zones of Regulation”. Each group was in charge of their station. We invited Ms Leah’s class to our “Wellness Center” and boy did we have fun! I must admit, sometimes I think I should be an MC instead of a primary teacher haha!  The students did so well teaching the older students all about the things they have learned. They rotated around each station and had a chance to learn about the emotions we have explored and the techniques that help us. I was so impressed with them and we all had a ball. The game at the end was a hit where we had to run to a colour “A zone of regulation” and when they music stopped they all had to dance like the colour zone. In the blue we had the crying dancers, in the red the angry stompers and in the green we had smiling ballerinas! It was lovely! 

In PE, the children worked in stations practising their speed and stamina this week. Hopscotch was a huge hit and the children probably slept very well on Tuesday as they were all exhausted after the circuit!

Lastly, thank you to Yerang’s mum for kindly sending the students gifts for Yerang’s birthday. It made their day and they all loved their new gifts.

We finished off the week with some delicious halloween chocolate which Cillian’s mum sent in for the children to enjoy. They were very happy going home today! 

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! 

Take care and see you all on Monday,

Mrs Sim 🙂