Weekly Update T1W6

Hello and Happy Friday!

Let’s take a look at what we have been up to in Year 1/2 this week.

I will begin by telling you that we are absolutely LOVING our phonics rotations. The students are so enthusiastic to learn the new sounds and the Year 2 students have been reunited with their Read, Write Inc guided reading sessions. Year 1 have learned the sounds m,a,s,d this week and have worked hard on their formation. The homework this week is related to the new sounds and it would be great if you can practise these with your child (There is a small message for parents inside the small green speed sound book).

Year 2 phonics books were sent home in their bags to begin practising their reading again weekly. If possible, have your child read the story out loud to you and see how great they are! Practise the vocabulary and let them show you how they decode new words!

In English, we began our new unit “Let me tell you” where we looked at first time experiences. We read a story about a first train journey and made an alphabet chart of first time experiences. The students needed some prompting to come up with ideas for each letter of the alphabet. I told them that I still remember my first day of school and they found that hard to believe 😉 Some of their responses were… “I remember eating my first apple, going to the beach, eating my first piece of cake, eating a donut (hehe)  and we will continue this activity on Monday! The students also learned past tense verbs. Year 1 played a game with Ms Temple, where they had to run to the “Yesterday” side or the “Today” side depending on the tense. Year 2 students worked in a group changing present tense sentences to past tense.

In Maths this week, the Year 1 students have been comparing numbers and learning which number is less or more. We had lots of exciting tuff trays to work on this week where they compared numbers and practised the sentences. “There are more______ than…”/There are less _____ than ______” The Year 1 maths homework will require an adult to talk to the students about the ladybirds on the leaves. The idea of this activity is to see if the students can talk about the numbers using the words “more” and “less”. For example, “There are more ladybirds here than there”.

Year 2 students worked on sequences and ordinal numbers this week. We practised making sequences, working out missing numbers on number lines and naming ordinal numbers. We took a progress test today too!

In PSHE, we looked at the emotion ball “anger” and read a lovely story about a girl who overcame her anger by writing nice things about her sister. We explored how anger makes us feel and what we can do to make us feel better. We did this by making “angry toilet roll men” and writing/drawing things that made us feel angry on small pieces of paper. We put them inside our toilet rolls and next week we will take them out and discuss what we can do when these situations arise. 

We also read the story “The Colour Monster”, another one of my favourites!  The children enjoyed making their very own monsters and they turned out beautifully. 

In PE this week the children played a variety of animal movement games and activities. The students loved throwing the bean bags on the beautiful posters that were created for them. They also had great fun doing an animal relay! We finished off with games this morning and did lots of team skill based games. We practised our hockey skills, throwing and catching and finished off with a little dance. It was great fun and they loved my new microphone! 

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy!

See you all on Monday! 

Mrs Sim 🙂