Weekly Update – T1W4

Hello and Happy Friday to you all!

I hope you all had a lovely Korean Thanksgiving break.

We have had a busy week this week with lots of learning going on.

In English, we continued with our unit “Places we know” and worked on retelling stories and answering comprehension questions. We read a story called “Hide and Seek” and another called “The Park in the Dark”. In “The Park in the Dark” we discussed the rhyming words and how some things can look and sound different than what they really are. The students enjoyed Ms Temple’s lesson about class pets so much so that I decided to let them write/draw about their favourite pets for homework.

In Maths, we had our first week of full Maths rotations and I was so very proud of how well the students did. We had lots of fun with the different tuff trays, great focused faces around the teacher table and lots of progress using Zearn, our Maths online programme.

In IPC, we continued on with our Brainwave unit and learned about which emotions help us learn best and which emotions may make it more difficult to learn. The students love making a large string of emotions fo the classroom and designing their own emotion balls.

Yerang working on her ball skills in PE
Go Go Go!

We had great fun with the parachute in our games class this morning and the children did a great job working as a team. It was a lovely lesson filled with smiling faces.


Homework was sent home today along with library books. Please return them next Friday 🙂

I hope you all have a great weekend and I look forward to another great week ahead.

Take care, Mrs Sim 🙂