T1W2 – Weekly Update

Hello and Happy Friday to you all!

Firstly, it was so lovely to meet you all yesterday and thank you for coming.

We have had a great first whole week and I am so proud of how the children are settling in. Lots of teamwork, kindness and sharing has taken place. We are still learning our routines and getting used to our schedule but they have done fantastically.

In English this week, we read two stories and worked on re-telling them through pictures. We practised putting scenes in order with cut out pictures to help us. The Year 2’s worked on their sentence writing and reviewed past tense verbs with uncle ‘ed’. Year 1’s have been working on writing the date in thier workbooks and sticking their work in neatly.

In IPC, we started our unit “The Brainwave” and had lots of fun learning about the cerebellum. It was a difficult word for them so we clapped it out and sang the word to help us remember. We learned about relexes and tested some out. The funniest was when I shouted ‘boo’ and they all blinked. We then looked at the differences between conscious thinking and reflex actions. We made a large poster and had to separate the actions into ‘Conscious’ and ‘Reflex’. We did a little experiment with sponges to see if we would blink when the sponge was thrown. The students LOVED THIS! They practised recording the results on paper and clipboards and found that everyone blinks when a sponge is thrown towards the glass. We also spoke about how we can control some actions to help us learn better in class and be kind to others.

In Literacy rotations, we have been learning the first two stations “Read to Self” and “Listening to Reading”. We have our book bins ready and have been making ourselves familiar with Epic- our online reading programme. Next week, we are going to learn how to work independently when we do “Word work”.

In Maths, we have been learning all about our Tuff Tray station after finishing off learning what we do when we are “At our desk”. The rotations will be Meet with Mrs Sim/At your desk/ Technology (Zearn) and Hands On.

In PE, we started our unit “Time for an adventure” and played some animal based games. We also created a mini obstacle course today which the kids thoroughly enjoyed.

HFS 40th Birthday Party

Next Wednesday, the school will be celebrating its 40th Birthday with a little party in the afternoon. Children are asked to wear their school uniform on this day please (7th September).

Chuseok Thursday 8th September

Next Thursday we will be celebrating Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) with our annual Chuseok games and activities event. If your child has hanbok please send them in it. We also love to see other traditional clothes so if you don’t have a hanbok, you can wear your own country’s traditional costume.


Homework went home along with library books today. The students have a navy library bag and a file for their homework. The files were a little small to fit both their homework and the books in. Please return them next Friday together.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend! Can’t wait for another exciting week with lots of fun events taking place.

Mrs Sim <3