Term 2 Week 2

This past week has been an exciting one, and I must comment how well everyone has been getting on.

In math year 3 students looked at measurement and using centimeters, meters, and kilo meters for length. We looked at 2D shapes and determined regular and irregular polygons, and then started finding perimeters of such shapes. Year 4 students explored 2D shapes as well and looked into tessellations and lines of symmetry. We reviewed perimeter and started finding area using grids.

In English everyone has been devoting 15 minutes each day to their word study, which is time to work with the week’s spelling list. Then we jump into our Cambridge lesson where we are continuing with myths and legends, and focusing on preparing to write our own myth using compound sentences with conjunctions, and paragraphs with adverbial opening sentences.

In reading we looked at the classic myth of King Midas and the Golden Touch. Students read the story and then analyze it with th teacher, and complete tasks with their reading group independently. It is very rewarding to hear student thoughts and ideas about the value of money, the importance of life and family, and practice shifting their mindset by arguing alternate opinions than their own! Our EAL students are doing awesome as well, hearing them read so fluently and continue to build vocabulary is very motivating.

For IPC we went out on a nature walk Monday to scavenge for supplies for our Stone Age dioramas. We learned about life in the stone age, primarily the Paleolithic era, and how humans would find shelter, food, cook, what they wore, and how their communities worked. Then on Wednesday we build our models of a dwelling using our boxes (thank you for sending them in!), paint, paper, scissors, glue, and our bobs and bits from outside. The results are fantastic and I look forward to doing more crafty projects in the near future.

We have a four day weekend for Lunar New Year, so everyone enjoy the mini break and I will see everyone Wednesday!

Mrs. Leah