Term 1 Week 14

This week we kept busy with the digestive system, similes and metaphors, algorithmic multiplication, filling up each other’s buckets with kindness, and practicing our class performance for the Winter Show.

IPC was full of action as students traced each other and filled up the outlines with the organs of the digestive system. We learned abut the major parts and how the digestive system functions.

Not really sure about this…

As we scoot closer towards winter break the class is experiencing a bit of social turmoil. Years 3 and 4 are a time of great social development and friendships at this age truly matter. Many of us are feeling a bit frustrated with one another and both in-class and break time disputes are at an all time high. For PSHE we took some time to write some kind words for every member of the class. School, peers, friends, life can take it’s toll on us sometimes and we all needed to refill our buckets with reminders of kindness.

Back in IPC, on Thursday we did an experiment with recreating the process of digestion with a plastic bag and some old crackers. Students mashed the crackers with their teeth (knuckles), mixed it with saliva (water) to make mush, and after we swallowed the cracker it reached our stomachs where it mixed with stomach acid (baking soda and vinegar) and really dissolved. Then the cracker found itself in the small intestines which absorbed all the nutrients (a sponge), leaving a thicker waste product to venture through the large intestines. After snipping a hole in the corner of the bag, the cracker waste exited our bodies into the toilet (trash can!) – Everyone loved it and it was a lot of fun!

We will finish up with our units on multiplication and poetry this week, as well as complete our last body system unit of study. As we get close to closing out term one, lets keep working hard and be kind to one another.

Mrs. Leah