Term 1 Week 4

This week has been busy as we all got down to work after a nice four day weekend. We both welcomed back, and said farewell to some friends, and had a few birthdays!

In IPC we started our new unit ‘They Made a Difference’ focusing on significant people of history. Students did their best to match some famous names to portraits, and while we are still becoming familiar with these important figures, it was great fun to see the guesses! We then all chose one person to research and discover key facts about for our mini-biographies. Everyone did well navigating the internet and finding the information they needed to tell more about their chosen figures. They turned out great and now adorn our hallway!

In Math we continued to look at place value and went over inequalities. After marking our in class work this weekend, everyone is working hard and demonstrating a good understanding of the materials. In the homework you will find more practice writing out numbers and equations in different forms, ordering numbers, and inequalities. Students are expected to sometimes write out answers and using inequality symbols rather than writing ‘greater than’ or ‘less than’, so pay attention to the directions of each problem! On Monday we jump into estimating, which should be good fun.

For English, adjectives have been on our minds. We have been writing sentences using descriptive adjectives to make our writing more informative and interesting. Students have been describing settings and characters as our unit will culminate in our own creative writing samples. In the homework there is a list of adjectives to help with writing descriptions, be sure to reference it to help with the homework (and don’t be shy to look up words you may not know!) Also, we had our first spelling test on Friday. Please remember to study the words all week; just ten minutes each night helps! I hope to see more of us prepared next week 🙂

Also, just a reminder, please return the homework in it’s folder by Friday. (Sooner is okay too).

And, one more thing, the temperature is starting to fluctuate; sometimes it feels too hot or cold in the room, especially after playing outside. But, the room stays a consistent temperature. Please bring a light sweater to easily feel comfortable if the room or wind outside makes you feel a bit chilly.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and see everyone Monday!

-Mrs. Leah