To understand Korean culture  better,

Year 3-4 students had the story

BEE-BIM-BOP.(Meaning “mixed rice)

It’s a popular children’s book worldwide

and an even more popular Korean rice dish.

Traditionally this dish is rice (“bap”) mixed with seasoned vegetables

and beef and an egg on top and hot pepper paste on the bottom.


(BY Linda Sue Park)

And they made fake BEE-BIM-BOP

with creation & art materials.

IMG_8755 IMG_8757 IMG_8759 IMG_8761 IMG_8762

Y5-9’s Korean writing

Y 5-9 have drawn and labeled body parts’ words in Korean.

Their works look so nice and neat!

As a Korean teacher, I am so proud of you!!

20180126_150828Y7-9 Andrei & Danish

20180126_150920Y5/6  OM & Darya

20180126_150941Y5/6 Dina & Alicia

20180126_151010Y5/6 Liam  & Sara

20180126_151041 Y5/6 Maria & Tom