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Term 2 Week 6 & 7 Update

First of all, let me apologise for falling behind in our weekly updates. Time flew by and got the better of me. Here is some highlights of what we’ve done the past couple weeks.

Of course February 17th was the 100th Day of School. We had a lot of great 100-themed activities all day. We dressed as if it was the year 2121. We made crowns counting by 10s to 100 as well as delicious Froot Loop necklaces. Our Literacy that day was writing about what it would be like to be 100 Years Old. The students had a wonderful time.

In Phonics in Week 6 we finished off our Magic E Long Vowels with Long U and in Week 7 we began Vowel Digraphs looking at Long E written as EE and EA. We learned the mnemonic “When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking” to remind us that we say the long vowel sound of the first vowel in the digraph.
In Literacy we’ve been looking at alphabetical order and non-fiction books.

In Maths both weeks we’ve been working on our data handling unit. We looked at tally charts, pictographs, and began working with bar graphs. We even did a survey of the school to see which pizza topping they liked the best.

In IPC we’re still working on our Live and Let Live unit. We learned about the lifecycle of a butterfly. We went for a walk by the reservoir to see if we could spot anywhere that animals might life. We took some photos and made a map of the area we walked. We also began trying to sprout some beans and seeds.

And let’s not forget our trip to the Hyundai Arts Centre to see the Anthony Browne exhibit in Week 6!

Well, I think that covers it! Thanks for your patience while I got this update written. We’re into the homeward stretch of Term 2. Don’t forget to sign up for the Talent Show by Friday via the form Mr. Green sent to your child’s email if you want to participate.

Term 2 Week 5 Update

Well we sure did get a lot done in this short week.

In Phonics we looked at the Long Vowel U with Magic E and the FS2s looked at Short Vowel U and Mixed Short Vowels.

In Literacy we read stories for pleasure.

In Maths we focused more on adding a 1-digit number to a 2 digit number.

In IPC we looked at the differences between a live animal and a stuffed animal. We also thought about having different pets and what they would need to stay alive. We presented our findings in Venn diagrams, chart, and poster form. We worked in groups and did Google searches when necessary.

And of course, today was our low-key Seollal celebration. It was nice to see the children in their Hanbok. We made spinning tops called Paeng-I and spent some time playing them.

Have a great long weekend. Stay safe. Have a very Happy Lunar New Year!!

Term 2 Week 4 Update

Well the week started out with some great singing and dancing during music with Mr. Green.

In Phonics the Year 1s looked at the sound of Long I with Magic E and the F2s looked at Short O and Short E.

In Literacy we tried writing our own traditional tale using a graphic organiser which is a worksheet that guides one through choosing a character, a setting, and a plot (in this case a problem and a solution for the story).

In Maths we worked on reordering equations to learn that the order of the numbers does not affect the total; we added 1-digit numbers to 2-digit numbers by putting the larger number first; and we practised checking subtraction equations with additon.

We began our new IPC unit Live and Let Live about living an non-living things by taking a walk around the reservoir looking for living things, especially bugs. We did not find any bugs because of the time of year but hopefully we’ll find some when it’s time for our exit point. We looked at books about plants an animals. We did a sorting activity to see different ways we could sort living things. We researched an animal to see what they needed to live (such as food, shelter, and where they get water). And finally we went outside to the Hanmaeum Centre grounds to find things that were Alive, Never Alive, Was Alive, and Not Sure. We used those lists to study the difference between Never Alive and Was Alive.

In PE we’re working on some basketball skills. The children are becoming fairly adept at dribbling.

And before I sign off for this week’s update, let me tell you about some activities your child can do at home on the computer.

In Addition to Mathletics, I have signed the class up for a Prodigy account. Prodigy is an RPG Maths Game where to defeat the monsters you meet in the game you have to solve Maths problems. Prodigy can be used on any computer with a web browser and the address is: You can click “Log In” and use the option to “Log In With Google” using your child’s account and usual password.

Additionally, there is Brainzy which we used a little bit during the e-Learning period. Your child has an account which can be accessed using an Access Code so I can monitor their progress. There is Typing Practice, Maths, and English games they can play on Brainzy. The address for that is:

If you have any trouble logging into either of these accounts please send me an email and I’ll help you out.

That’s all for this week!

Term 2 Week 3 Update

We had a great week of learning this week. In Phonics we began looking at Long Vowels specifically Long A with Magic E. The F2s began looking at CVC words with Short A and Short I. We finished our close read of the Billy Goats Gruff by imagining what happened to the troll after Daddy Billy Goat pushed him off the bridge. There were some really imaginative answers.

In Maths we looked at the equals sign to mean same. We measured out equation with blocks and a scale to see which were equal and which weren’t and we did a scavenger hunt around the classroom to find equations that equalled 8.

We finished off our IPC unit, Freeze It! by making a model of a glacier and seeing what would happen if the glacier melted. We learned that the polar bears would have no place to live and neither would the land animals or the people as there would be water everywhere. Finally we looked at outdoor winter activities and talked about how to stay warm and safe outside in the winter.

As part of the year 5-7 assembly on responsibility we have adopted a virtual class pet called a Pululu. Every day it is someone’s responsibility to make sure our Pululu is fed, watered, and healthy.

As you may have noticed, a reader went home in your child’s homework. These Just Right Readers are based on your child’s reading level and they should be able to read them independently or nearly independently. The readers should come back with the homework folder on Wednesdays. If you or your child needs more time with the reader, just let me know so I know it’s not lost. New readers will not go home until the previous one is returned.

That’s all for now!

Term 2 Week 2 Update

Wow it’s so nice to be back in the classroom. There was a lot of exciting learning going on this week.

In Phonics we looked at R-blends and our Alphabet Friends finished off their initial sounds unit.

In Literacy we did a close study of the traditional tale The Three Billygoats Gruff. We made a lapbook and in it contained finger puppets which we used to do oral retellings of the story in small groups.

In Maths we worked on addition to 20 focusing on the + and – symbol. We also began looking at 1 more, 1 less, 10 more, 10 less than any given number within 30. The students had great fun using our new interactive whiteboard to solve problems.

In IPC we continued on our Freeze It! topic. We had a look again at insulation and built cooler boxes to try to keep ice frozen all day. We also began looking at some geography learning about cold places in the world. We had a really robust discussion while looking at some NASA satellite images of the world at different times of year. We also looked at snow and ice festivals around the world and made posters advertising them.

In the very important world of child development, the students were excited to work on the new puzzles we got over the break. They also have been creating some elaborate Lego creations.

That’s it for this week. Have a good weekend. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay dry and we’ll see you on Monday for another exciting week of learning!

Term 2 Week 1 Update

Well it certainly was a strange start to the term but I’m happy for a successful week of e-learning. Thank you so much to all the parents who helped so much. I couldn’t do this without you.

This week we started a new IPC topic called Freeze It! looking at ice from a science, design, and geography standpoint. This week we started with science. We froze and melted ice, tried to keep ice from melting, and made delicious ice treats.

In Phonics we looked at L-blends. In Literacy we began our new unit on Traditional Tales. We read some stories and did work around our favourite parts of the story, our favourite characters, and simple retelling with Beginning, Middle, and End.

In Maths we did some problem solving with the aid of a number line. We did addition and subtraction within 20 while keeping in mind that addition is just counting on and subtraction is just counting down.

I can’t wait to see everyone back at school on Monday. Please pack students e-Learning worksheets to bring with them and we’ll paste them into the appropriate notebooks.

For those parents who chose not to do a virtual Parent-Teacher Conference, I will be contacting you soon to arrange a time to meet before February 8th.

Thank you again for all you did this week. Have a restful weekend. See you Monday!

Term 1 Week 17 Update

And that’s a wrap, folks. Thank you so much for your involvement and patience this term especially this week of e-learning. We have our fingers crossed that we’ll be back to face-to-face classes after the winter break but please know the school will keep you well informed of developments in this regard.

In Phonics this week we looked at Bossy R (or R-controlled) vowels. Our Alphabet friends did the letters K, B, U, and Z.

In Literacy we read stories with rhymes and worked on some rhyming worksheets.

In Maths we looked at digital time, and elapsed time.

In PE we did some Winter Yoga.

In IPC we focussed on the celebration of Christmas ending off today with a cookie party. I hope you all enjoyed it.

Have a wonderful Winter Holiday everyone. A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all who celebrate!

Term 1 Week 16 Update

Sadly, this was our last in-class week. As you are aware, we will be online for the last week of term. Supplies went home today which are for Monday and Tuesday (and other days as well) Another batch of supplies will go home on Monday afternoon with the end of term report cards.

We had a great week of learning, nonetheless. In Phonics we looked at the digraphs KN, WR, and CK. For those students learning the alphabet and initial sounds, we looked at the letters I, S, F, and R. I continue to be impressed with the students’ ability to learn these new spelling patterns and apply them to their work. In Literacy, we continued to look at rhyme by reading stories with rhyming patterns and listening for rhyming words.

In Maths we looked at time to the hour on an analogue clock. We made a large clock and made sure that we knew where each number went. We practiced drawing both the hour and the minute hand for any given hour.

In IPC we used our planned upcoming Winter Show and End of Year Party to explore preparing for a celebration. We brainstormed necessary elements for a party and wrote a plan in groups. We designed party hats to be made and learned about some elements of design such as making a list of necessary materials. Finally we made posters advertising our Winter Show and Party to be displayed in the school.

Our Morning Meetings for the last 7 weeks have been focussing on kindness. This week we learned about gratitude, peacefulness, and random acts of kindness. We also learned that like ripples in water, kindness has a ripple effect. If we are kind to someone it can make many people’s day better.

We’ve been making use of the gymnasium during PE and have been playing lots of running games to take advantage of the space. Tying in with our learning about time in Maths, we have been enjoying playing What Time Is It Mr. Wolf?

That’s it for this week Please remember to log into Google Classroom for 9am on Monday. We will begin our day with Calendar Time which will be a live, on-camera meeting. A link will be waiting for you in the Classroom. See you Monday!

Term 1 Week 15 Update

Well we’re into the home stretch. Just a few more weeks of learning to go then a well-earned break. The students are still hard at work learning through experience, play, and old fashioned hard work.

Speaking of play, the students have been having a great time moving their bodies in PE. We’ve been playing a variety of cooperative games in the hall and in the gymnasium.

In Phonics we looked at the digraphs WH and PH. I am just amazed at the spelling ability of these children. They’re learning so much so quickly and applying it in all they do. In Literacy we continued looking at rhyming.

In Maths we’re working on measuring time. We did activities to understand how long 1 minute was such as seeing how many times we could write our names in one minute or how many times we could take on and off our shoes.

In IPC we’re still learning about celebrations. We took a trip to the post box around the corner. Keep an eye on your post is all I’m going to say. The rest is a secret!

We also researched some of our favourite celebration songs. The students are becoming more and more familiar with the computers and it gets easier each time. We also made a reindeer craft as we roll closer and closer to the celebration of Christmas.

That’s it for this week. Have a wonderful weekend. Stay warm. Stay safe. And we’ll see you on Monday for some more great learning!

Term 1 Week 13 Update

Wow! We made it through our CIS evaluation week. I am so proud of all the children who displayed their best behaviour and learning while both on camera and off.

Mr. Green has brought in his guitar so music lessons were very fun for the children. They also got to play some instruments.

Mr. Green also came up with a great mentoring activity for our assembly on Teamwork. The students worked together to use string and a rubber band to lift paper cups. They definitely needed to work together!

As some of you may know, the injury in my foot has not healed as I thought it had but thankfully during the last few weeks I have taught them some games in PE which they can play without much demonstration from me. We also played some old favourites from last year which the students familiar with the game taught the new students from this year how to play.

In Maths we continued learning about measurement. We focused this week on weight and capacity. They were able to do some exciting (and a little messy) experiements.

In Phonics we learned new spelling patterns such as “SS” “FF” and “LL” at the end of words. We learned that words that end with S/F/L that are preceded by a short vowel often have that letter doubled at the end.

In IPC we continued on our Celebrations unit and we learned a bit about the Jewish celebration of lights called Hannukah. We made a dreidel which is a traditional toy used to play a game with chocolate coins known as gelt. The students were excited to make their dreidles as well as play and take a bunch of chocolate home. We also made a traditional Hanuukah food called “latkes” which are potato pancakes. The children thought these were delicious and asked that I share the recipe with you. You can find the recipe here. Please note, the recipe says to eat them with apple sauce or sour cream. We just tried them plain with a little salt.

That’s all for this week! We’ll see you next week for another jam-packed week of fun learning.