Term 2 Week 9 Update

Well we’ve rounded the bend and we’re into the home stretch.

The week started out with some great music with Mr. Green. The students have been practising their number for the talent show.

In Phonics we worked on the digraph CH as well as mixed digraphs. We also looked at Long Vowel O using the spellings “oe” and “oa”.

In Literacy we picked up where we left off last term looking a simple rhymes. We’ve been focusing on nursery rhymes.

In Maths we spent time learning about money. We investigated some real coins from around the world before moving into British money. We sorted coins by their value. We had a make-shift store where we bought different fruits and sweets, went to the “bank” to get the money we needed to purchase our item, and finally went to the cash register to buy our items.

In IPC we looked at human growth and families. We did a matching activity trying to guess whose baby picture went with who. Later we did a collage labelling everyone in our families. We got to see how people who were younger and older than us grew and changed and how we’re going to grow and change, too.

In PE we enjoyed the warm weather outside and we also did some yoga inside.

That’s all for this week. Enjoy the final week of term!