Term 2 Week 3 Update

We had a great week of learning this week. In Phonics we began looking at Long Vowels specifically Long A with Magic E. The F2s began looking at CVC words with Short A and Short I. We finished our close read of the Billy Goats Gruff by imagining what happened to the troll after Daddy Billy Goat pushed him off the bridge. There were some really imaginative answers.

In Maths we looked at the equals sign to mean same. We measured out equation with blocks and a scale to see which were equal and which weren’t and we did a scavenger hunt around the classroom to find equations that equalled 8.

We finished off our IPC unit, Freeze It! by making a model of a glacier and seeing what would happen if the glacier melted. We learned that the polar bears would have no place to live and neither would the land animals or the people as there would be water everywhere. Finally we looked at outdoor winter activities and talked about how to stay warm and safe outside in the winter.

As part of the year 5-7 assembly on responsibility we have adopted a virtual class pet called a Pululu. Every day it is someone’s responsibility to make sure our Pululu is fed, watered, and healthy.

As you may have noticed, a reader went home in your child’s homework. These Just Right Readers are based on your child’s reading level and they should be able to read them independently or nearly independently. The readers should come back with the homework folder on Wednesdays. If you or your child needs more time with the reader, just let me know so I know it’s not lost. New readers will not go home until the previous one is returned.

That’s all for now!