Term 2 Week 1 Update

Well it certainly was a strange start to the term but I’m happy for a successful week of e-learning. Thank you so much to all the parents who helped so much. I couldn’t do this without you.

This week we started a new IPC topic called Freeze It! looking at ice from a science, design, and geography standpoint. This week we started with science. We froze and melted ice, tried to keep ice from melting, and made delicious ice treats.

In Phonics we looked at L-blends. In Literacy we began our new unit on Traditional Tales. We read some stories and did work around our favourite parts of the story, our favourite characters, and simple retelling with Beginning, Middle, and End.

In Maths we did some problem solving with the aid of a number line. We did addition and subtraction within 20 while keeping in mind that addition is just counting on and subtraction is just counting down.

I can’t wait to see everyone back at school on Monday. Please pack students e-Learning worksheets to bring with them and we’ll paste them into the appropriate notebooks.

For those parents who chose not to do a virtual Parent-Teacher Conference, I will be contacting you soon to arrange a time to meet before February 8th.

Thank you again for all you did this week. Have a restful weekend. See you Monday!