Term 1 Week 16 Update

Sadly, this was our last in-class week. As you are aware, we will be online for the last week of term. Supplies went home today which are for Monday and Tuesday (and other days as well) Another batch of supplies will go home on Monday afternoon with the end of term report cards.

We had a great week of learning, nonetheless. In Phonics we looked at the digraphs KN, WR, and CK. For those students learning the alphabet and initial sounds, we looked at the letters I, S, F, and R. I continue to be impressed with the students’ ability to learn these new spelling patterns and apply them to their work. In Literacy, we continued to look at rhyme by reading stories with rhyming patterns and listening for rhyming words.

In Maths we looked at time to the hour on an analogue clock. We made a large clock and made sure that we knew where each number went. We practiced drawing both the hour and the minute hand for any given hour.

In IPC we used our planned upcoming Winter Show and End of Year Party to explore preparing for a celebration. We brainstormed necessary elements for a party and wrote a plan in groups. We designed party hats to be made and learned about some elements of design such as making a list of necessary materials. Finally we made posters advertising our Winter Show and Party to be displayed in the school.

Our Morning Meetings for the last 7 weeks have been focussing on kindness. This week we learned about gratitude, peacefulness, and random acts of kindness. We also learned that like ripples in water, kindness has a ripple effect. If we are kind to someone it can make many people’s day better.

We’ve been making use of the gymnasium during PE and have been playing lots of running games to take advantage of the space. Tying in with our learning about time in Maths, we have been enjoying playing What Time Is It Mr. Wolf?

That’s it for this week Please remember to log into Google Classroom for 9am on Monday. We will begin our day with Calendar Time which will be a live, on-camera meeting. A link will be waiting for you in the Classroom. See you Monday!