Term 1 Week 13 Update

Wow! We made it through our CIS evaluation week. I am so proud of all the children who displayed their best behaviour and learning while both on camera and off.

Mr. Green has brought in his guitar so music lessons were very fun for the children. They also got to play some instruments.

Mr. Green also came up with a great mentoring activity for our assembly on Teamwork. The students worked together to use string and a rubber band to lift paper cups. They definitely needed to work together!

As some of you may know, the injury in my foot has not healed as I thought it had but thankfully during the last few weeks I have taught them some games in PE which they can play without much demonstration from me. We also played some old favourites from last year which the students familiar with the game taught the new students from this year how to play.

In Maths we continued learning about measurement. We focused this week on weight and capacity. They were able to do some exciting (and a little messy) experiements.

In Phonics we learned new spelling patterns such as “SS” “FF” and “LL” at the end of words. We learned that words that end with S/F/L that are preceded by a short vowel often have that letter doubled at the end.

In IPC we continued on our Celebrations unit and we learned a bit about the Jewish celebration of lights called Hannukah. We made a dreidel which is a traditional toy used to play a game with chocolate coins known as gelt. The students were excited to make their dreidles as well as play and take a bunch of chocolate home. We also made a traditional Hanuukah food called “latkes” which are potato pancakes. The children thought these were delicious and asked that I share the recipe with you. You can find the recipe here. Please note, the recipe says to eat them with apple sauce or sour cream. We just tried them plain with a little salt.

That’s all for this week! We’ll see you next week for another jam-packed week of fun learning.