Term 1 Week 12 Update

These children sure are learning the meaning and proper usage of “jam-packed” as we had another jam-packed week of new and exciting learning. We started new units in IPC, Maths, and Literacy!

In Maths we began learning about measurement. We started by working on length and height. The children got longer/shorter right away but we needed to spend a little extra time on taller/shorter. They did get it in the end. We used lots of hands-on activities to learn these concepts and re-enforce the proper vocabulary. We counted out the letters in our names and represented them with snap cubes so we could compare names and see who had a longer or shorter name. We had a scavenger hunt in the classroom looking for items that were longer, shorter, or the same length as a Popsicle stick. We made play dough snakes and ordered them from shortest to longest. In pairs we traced our bodies onto paper and ordered them so the children could see the height difference in class. Sometimes these paper models weren’t the most accurate so they didn’t perfectly line up with who actually was the tallest or shortest in the class but it was a great visual aid for them to order the paper cutouts. We also made a height mini book looking for items that were taller and shorter than other things in the class.

In Phonics we finished up our Short Vowels that we’ve been working on for the last 5 weeks with Short Vowel E. We’re on to new spelling patterns from next week. It’s been really exciting watching the children grow into more confident readers and writers. For the members of our class that are being introduced to the letters of the alphabet we made it all the way to X this week. Everyone is excited to make it to letter Z on Tuesday.

In Literacy we began working on simple rhymes. We reviewed rhyming words with a slideshow game. We have been reading a lot of Dr. Seuss as he has amazing rhymes in his books. The students read along to Hop on Pop and listened intently as I attempted Fox in Socks (the tongue twister book) and we all enjoyed Green Eggs and Ham today. We’ve also been learning simple rhymes we can sing and clap along to. We worked on Pat-a-Cake this week and I’m pleased to see the children working on both rhythm and rhyme with this clapping game. I’ve promised them next week we’ll try the more difficult and longer Miss Mary Mack. Wish us luck!

Let’s Celebrate is our newest unit in IPC and that will take us to the end of the term. We began with a class party on Tuesday as our Entry Point. It was declared as “the best day ever” (we do seem to have a lot of those, but I’m certainly not complaining). We made decorations and party hats, listened to some music, and had some snacks. We continued the theme with our Knowledge Harvest where the students helped me make a poster of all the celebrations they know or have been a part of. Then, we made a timeline of celebrations in our lives. Thank you to all the parents who emailed me photos to put on the timelines. Finally today we learned a bit about Diwali as it is celebrated on Saturday and we did a compare and contrast with Chuseok.

If any families would like to share their Diwali pictures with me over the weekend I will make a slideshow so students can see how you celebrated this weekend. We would do this on Tuesday.

In PE we played lots of running and catching games. We also brought in a new game called “Rotten Eggs” where there are 2 people throwing “rotten eggs” at the students (soft balls) if you get hit with the ball you must freeze. You can be unfrozen if someone crawls between your legs. They found this very enjoyable!

That’s all for this week. Next week is our CIS inspection so please remember there is no class for students on Friday. Have a happy weekend and I’ll see you all Monday for another jam-packed week!