Term 1 Week 11 Update

I taught the kids “jam-packed” today to explain the busy day we had but really we had a jam-packed week full of exciting learning.

With Mrs. Sim teaching Mr. Green’s class this week, the students got a little change in their music class. They were very excited to learn with her.

In Maths we worked on symmetry. We looked at patterns with mirrors to see how they were the same on both sides if we looked through a mirror. We looked at symmetry in nature – specifically butterflies – and made a butterfly symmetry craft. Also we played a Thumbs Up Thumbs Down and Move It! review game where the children had to decide if a line through a shape was a line of symmetry and give their answer with a thumbs up or down (some of them were quite tricky) and every few slides the students did some exercise at their desk such as jumping jacks or desk push-ups. They declared that a real winner and said we should do more activities like that in the future.

In Phonics we looked at the Short Vowel O in CVC words and also looked at the sounds of letters O-S for those of us learning our alphabet. Next week is Short Vowel E and then we’ll be done all our short vowels and onto learning new sounds and spelling patterns!
In Literacy we finished up instructions by writing instructions for making sandwiches. We worked in groups and began by writing a draft with a word mat to help us. Then we revised our instructions – many children had to be reminded that instructions need verbs. After that, we published our instructions and Ms. Jiyu laminated them so that today we could move onto the final step of making the sandwiches. We traded instructions between groups and made another group’s sandwich based on their instructions. Of course we all got the opportunity to have a little taste of our sandwich creations.

In IPC we finished up our Push Me Pull You unit on forces. Thank you to all the parents who could make it to our virtual show and tell. Hopefully in the future we’ll be able to have you all into the class for our celebrations of learning. This week we learned about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and made PSAs. We created our own toys to show pushes and pulls. Finally, we looked at what happens when movement comes to a sudden stop with great force by rolling a homemade car with a (boiled) egg down a ramp and having it knock into a stopper. My egg cracked and the students were tasked with keeping their eggs in their cars to avoid breaking. They had a lot of fun with this activity.

No one was happier than the kids that I am out of my boot and able to do proper PE again. We went to both the field and the gymnasium and played a variety of games involving movement such as running and hopping and skipping. We played “the penguin game” that required the students to walk like penguins until I called out a number and they had to arrange themselves with that many students – no more and no less – on a mat. If they didn’t have the right number of students on the mat that group had to do some callisthenics.

That’s all for this week. We’ll see you on Monday for all-new learning adventures!