Term 1 Week 10 Update

Wow! What a way to end this week. Scary Dress Up Day was a huge success. Thanks to all the hard work of the parents in the PTA for decorating. Thank you to everyone who donated candy for the children’s treat bags. Thank you for all the effort that went into your children’s costumes. To quote Max, “Ms. M. Today was a really special, great day.”

But it wasn’t all fun and games this week. We did lots of learning. Well, actually we learn a lot through games so we did see a few of those this week especially in Maths. We delved into 3D shapes and played some attribute bingo, a board game matching real life objects to their 3D shape counterpart, and we went on a scavenger hunt using QR codes around the school.

In Literacy we continued working on instructions and used differentiated learning to write or sequence instructions on making a jam sandwich.
In Phonics we worked with the Short Vowel U for those of us learning to read and the letters K-N for those of us learning our letters for the first time. That means we’re over half-way through the alphabet!

As I’m sure you were told when your children got home on Wednesday, I was absent with a stomach bug. Please be aware that viruses that cause illness like the stomach flu travel quickly through schools and please keep your children home if they’re feeling poorly. I’m feeling better and your children were in good hands on the day of my absence continuing their same learning in Maths and Phonics and reviewing sequencing for Literacy while making a Jack-o-Lantern craft.

We did lots of great experiments in IPC as we continued to learn about forces. We went to the gym and felt air resistance by running freely, running with a small piece of card held in front of our bodies, then running with a large piece of card. They then illustrated their observations in a comic book style.

We also experimented with water as a force while we learned about predictions and tests. We predicted what would happen when we squirted a toy boat with water of varying force and then we tested our hypotheses.

The children have been great sports about my foot being out of commission which limits what we can do in PE. They’ve continued doing yoga and today we did a spooky work-out video to get our muscles moving and our hearts pumping.

And of course, we all bid a fond farewell to Mr. Kearney today. The whole school made him a goodbye card. The students did their best to write him messages. Authentic use of writing really brings out the best in young learners.

That’s all for this week. Have a Happy Halloween to those who celebrate. Rest well, and we’ll see you on Monday!