Term 1 We 9 Update

Another week of exciting learning happened here in FS 1/2-Y 1 this week.

In Phonics we spent the week looking at CVC words with the short vowel I as in “pig” and “bin”. We’re also working our way through the alphabet for the younger students and we studied the sounds of F-I.
In Literacy we broadened out from instructions to all of non-fiction. We learned where the non-fiction section in the library was and we studied different parts of books such as the title, author, and illustrator.

In Maths we dove deep into 2D shapes by making a Shape Turkey, doing a scavenger hunt for 2D shapes around the school, and learning some new words like “octagon”, and “parallelogram”.

We began our new IPC unit about Forces and began investigating the forces that move everything in our world: push and pull. We did a tug of war. We observed push and pull in every day life around the school, and we used a car and a ramp to study the effects of push on speed and distance. We also learned a little bit about friction.

In ICT the students were excited to use computers again. We practiced typing some more.

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget about Scary Dress-Up Day next Friday. I look forward to seeing everyone’s costumes. Have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you on Monday.