Term 1 Week 1 Update and Hello!

Hello families of FS1-Y1. Welcome to the new faces and welcome back to the returning friends. We sure are glad to have you all in our class and we’re off to a roaring start.

We began the year as we’re going to begin each day with a Morning Meeting. We’re using a character development morning meeting curriculum that begins with learning about our emotions and how to express them. This week began with talking about our class as community and how we can participate to make it a community we all feel comfortable in.

In English and Maths this week we did some simple, formative assessments so I could gauge the levels of the incoming students and see what the returning students remembered. This will allow me to better tailor the children’s learning as we embark on our learning journey this year.

PE is starting to take a different form as Level 2 distancing informs our choices about what we can and can’t do at school while keeping your child safe. We stuck with an old standby this week and did some socially distanced yoga in the hall.

In IPC we began our yearly introduction Brainwave unit but as we did a Brainwave unit last year, we are doing the follow-up unit: Metacognition. We’re learning how to think about thinking. We started with some memory games, reviewed what the brain does, and finished off this week with some memory tests. The students learned different methods of trying to remember lists of objects. We’ll see on Monday and next Friday if they can remember their lists!

That’s it for this week. I hope you have a restful weekend and come back and ready to continue learning next week!