Y1-2 Art – Term 1 Week 12

We’ve been sharing our feelings and emotions from looking at pictures of the portraits of Dora Marr and the Weeping Woman which is by Picasso last week.

We talked about what colour Picasso used that time and sketched two different emotions on their faces.

Then we had another activity which was listening to music, exploring our emotions.

Listening to music, we explored drawing dots, different types of lines, and shapes with paints as Russian artist Kandinsky did.

It was very fun that we expressed our feelings with painting while listening to the music.

This week we started to learn a new unit, Treasure Islands.

We talked about who pirates were and what they did.

We drew a pirate on our pictures.

We tried to make pirate hats and added scars, eye patches, parrots, and swords which show the symbols of pirates well.

How do they look?

Don’t they look so cool?