FS1-2 Art – Term1 Week6

FS1-2 friends are learning more and more about who they are.

This week we talked about ‘my family’ who live with me and ‘my teddy bear’.

They created beautiful houses and teddy bear.

Y 1-2 Art -Term 1 Week 6

We discussed how we can feel all sorts of emotions even in one day. Then we explored the lines and colours how it will be changed depends on their feeling. We could find a variety of lines and colour in our conversation. I had drawn an outline of a body on large sheets of paper and they use water colour paints to paint on the inside of the body shape to represent our variety of emotions.

Y 3-4 Art -Term 1 Week 6

Y3-4 students started to have a group work today.

This week I separated 5 groups.

Each group of students sketched different works as a shark, tiger, fish, rabbit and dragon they want to explore. Then they gridded onto the picture with horizontal and vertical lines. Next week they will fill the information of Mondrian in their empty spaces.

Y 5-6 Art -Term 1 Week 6

A mosaic is a piece of art made up of small coloured pieces. These pieces can be coloured glass, stone, paper or other materials. The small pieces combine to make one large picture or pattern.

The Ancient Greeks and Romans created mosaic art, some of which we can still see today.

They also used mosaics to decorate the floors and walls of their houses.

This week we looked out some mosaics art and explored the pattern which shows in Roman period. This time the group is divided in 2-3 persons.

Each group, they had a sharing time about the mosaic they picked and started to draw images.

I look forward to see how the patterns will be completed next time.

Y7-9 Art – Term 1 Week 6

This term our unit is ‘People in action’.

We looked at the work of different artists, identified the different ways in which people in action are represented.

We talked about how we can make action pauses and demonstrated and recorded some sequence of an action. This time we used the charcoal for drawing. Drawing with a charcoal was really fun!!

FS1-2 Art – Term1 Week5

This week we took off our ‘road tapes’ we made last week and our beautiful patterns were revealed. They all look fabulous!

Then we put our face pictures onto the paper and added wool which was the same as their hair colour.

After add hair, the pictures began to really look like them.

Next, we coloured in our name outlines and sentences about our favourite colours.

FS1-2 friends are learning more and more about who they are!

Well done, everyone!!

Y3-4 Art – Term1 Week5

We started learning about the Dutch Artist Piet Mondrian last week and continued completing this week our geometry art inspired by Piet Mondrian.

Y3-4 students worked so hard despite it being a little difficult to make straight horizontal and vertical lines. They were given options of materials to use to fill the colour on the shapes. All their work looks so fantastic.

They used their growth mindset!

FS1-2 Art – Term1 Week4

We completed our “Helping hands” project.

As we are learning about ourselves this term, we talked about our favourite colour this week.

We created the road which we would want to go on with colourful tapes on white paper.

Then we painted over the tape onto the white spaces.

Next week, we are going to take the tape off and put our portrait and helping hands on.

Y3-4 Art – Term1 Week4

This week we started to learn about the Dutch Artist Piet Mondrian who is considered the father of Abstract art. We looked at photos of his work and talked about what we noticed about each piece (shapes, primary colours, how often colour is used).

Each student was given a ruler, a pencil, and a white piece of paper.

And they used geometry to create their own works of art.

FS1-2 Art – Term1 Week3

For the last two weeks HFS students have been drawing pictures of what they would like to be in the future for HFS’s 40’s anniversary. We shared our dream and thought about what kind of different jobs we might have. It was great fun. We put them in the school’s time capsule yesterday and we are going to look at them 10 years later!

FS1-2 friends are studying the topic “All about me” this term.
We shared and described how we look, what colour we like, what we want to be in the future.

We sang along to the ‘rainbow song’.
After we had a game to find the colours in art room.
It was really fun to learn about colour by playing a game.