Y5-9 Figure sculptures

Y5-9 Students have learned about Alberto Giacometti’s figure sculptures. They found out about the biography and his artworks.

After they made delicate kitchen foil into sculptures of people, inspired by the textured figures that Giacometti created.

Well done, guys!

KakaoTalk_20200519_091348813 KakaoTalk_20200519_091346621 KakaoTalk_20200519_091344704 KakaoTalk_20200519_091342526 KakaoTalk_20200519_091340343 KakaoTalk_20200519_091337679 KakaoTalk_20200519_091335975 KakaoTalk_20200519_091333886 KakaoTalk_20200519_091331485 KakaoTalk_20200519_091329504 KakaoTalk_20200519_091322522 Giacometti’s figure sculptures (2020. 5. 18. 오후 12_59_39) Giacometti’s figure sculptures (2020. 5. 18. 오후 12_58_42) 20200518_123056 20200518_123017 20200518_122912 20200518_12283420200518_122713