Y5-Y9 Monet’s ART

Last Friday all the HFS students visited the Hyundai Arts center to see an exhibition of Monet’s work.

Students have learned about Monet’s life and his art. 

There was a guide who explained the details of Monet’ s art while they looked at his painting.

So the students could understand how each painting was created.

It was nice gathering all of the HFS students together to experience the work of a great artist Monet.


In Y5-9, the students watched a video of Monet’ s life and discussed it.

They made groups and started to make a poster about Monet.

Next week, they will pick one of the masterpieces by Monet and recreate it with acrylic paints.KakaoTalk_20190916_161210315 KakaoTalk_20190916_161210862

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