Y7-Y9 Stop motion

For the last 2weeks, the HFS students have learned how to make a stop motion animation.

They were split into groups and worked separately. Their stop motion concepts were Eating hamburger, biting a watermelon, stickman, growing of tree and biting an apple.

They did the drawing  all by themselves and  took many shots of the picture that were then edited together to make great animations.

Please, enjoy these wonderful video clips.


KakaoTalk_20190321_121745937 KakaoTalk_20190321_121744637 KakaoTalk_20190321_121743414 KakaoTalk_20190321_121742098 KakaoTalk_20190321_121740915 KakaoTalk_20190321_121739866 KakaoTalk_20190321_121738776 KakaoTalk_20190311_224552806 KakaoTalk_20190311_224528694 KakaoTalk_20190311_224528260 KakaoTalk_20190311_224526867