HFS Great Graffiti Project Y4-Y6

KakaoTalk_20190303_215212064For the last couple of weeks,  the HFS students have learned about “Graffiti art”, with works from artists such as ZEVS, NICK WALKER, CRASH, L’ATLAS, JONONE, SHEPARD FAIREY, FENX and “PURE EVIL”.

We visited the exhibition “GREAT GRAFFITI” at Hyundai Art Center and explored the artworks and they learned about each artist’s style and message.

After that students created their own graffiti artwork using the artist’ technique.

The F1 – Y3 students created graffiti using their name font like “JONONE”.

The F4-F9 students copied the style of JEVS, L’ATRALS, JONONE.

Everyone worked extremely hard in art class.

Now our art project is complete and it is displayed the hall way beside elevator for you to enjoy.

Well done, everyone!


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