Y7-9 Art, Halloween project

Halloween is such a fun time of year and children love this period.

Students have been inspired with many fun Halloween activities and crafts for these couple of weeks in art class.

F1-Y1 students have made pumpkin faces, treat-or-trick baskets, and witch characters.

Y2-Y3 students have decorated witch nails on cut outs of their hands and made pumpkin baskets.

Y4-Y6 students have created making Halloween characters such as vampire, zombie, witch etc. also they made spider webs using popsicle sticks and wools.

Y7-8 students drew the symbol of Halloween and made Halloween spooky slime.

They had lots of fun. Well done, everone!!

These were super nice to create and make great Halloween decorations for the home or classroom.

Parents and visiters can see it students’ Halloween artworks when you visit the school.

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