Year3-4 national costumes

These days, HFS students are learning about cultural differences. So they can understand each other and have more international mind.

They have discovered how different each country’s national flowers and costumes are.

All HFS students could have chances to try different types of art work on our theme.

For Year3-4, students tried making cosutmes in collage.

Look at how nicely they made the national costumes.20180202_095003 20180202_095044 20180202_095059 20180202_095103 20180202_095109 20180202_095119 20180202_095126 20180202_095132 20180202_095138 20180202_095151 20180202_095203 20180202_095227 20180202_095257 20180202_095336 20180202_100945