Y2 Music and Art Trip

Year 2 students enjoys Korean Dancing and singing. They have studied Hiper Realism at Hyundai Art Centre.    20160908_112105 More…

Y1 Music and Art Trip

Good starting point! Year 1 students loved singing, dancing and have studied Hiper Realism at Hyundai Art Centre.    20160908_104602 More…

Creative Arts information

Welcome to HFS Creative Arts.

“Fresh start of New Academic Year of 2016-2017”, I hope everyone comes to my lesson equipped with ‘Passion for learning’ and ‘Smile’, and AN ART SHIRT to fulfill your artistic life.

All the 7,8,9 students wear their art shirt. The best sample shirt is mum’s or dad’s like what Juliana and Fiona are wearing.  Each to put on and off in a sec!

  • Art and Music is set one hour respectably, each week.
  • Occasionally,  the lessons can be either 2-3 weeks of consecutive art lessons and then music, the same, depending on the school’s special events/activity. All together, they will be the same amount of Art and Music in each term.
  • Below, the picture shows Year 7,8,9 students all wearing art shirts during lessons.
  • Please ensure that you have an art shirts in school at all times either in your bag/locker.

20160831_114208 More…