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Newsletter 2020/21 Term 1 Week 1

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Dear Parents,

The 2020/21 academic year has gotten off to a fine start. I am pleased that we could open to in-class teaching and learning despite the Level 2 social distancing guidelines. I am also thrilled to report that everything is proceeding smoothly at HFS. These are the newsworthy items that I must share with you in this first newsletter of the new academic year.

Welcome to the New Members of the HFS Community

It is always a pleasure to welcome new members to the HFS community and this year I am happy to introduce Isabella Donnison, Nayra Johri and Rachael Rina Han to the FS 1–Year 1 class, Audrey Abaray and Chloe Green to the Year 2–3, and Henry Abaray and Mia Shin to the Year 4–5 class. We are happy to have them all at the school and we hope that they will enjoy their time at HFS.

Covid-19 Temperature Protocols for Bus Pick-up

It has been reported that some students have been dashing to the bus stop to be picked up for school. As a result, in the recent summer heat, their temperature is elevated above 37.5 Degrees Celsius when being checked for entry on to the bus. While this is usually an inaccurate reading due to students running for the bus in the heat, our Covid-19 Policy dictates that students will not be admitted on the bus with a temperature above 37.5 Degrees and much time is taken to wait for the student to cool down so that an accurate temperature can be taken. Parents are therefore advised to avoid letting their child dash for the bus and rather be at their designated stop early so that temperature checks will be accurate. Thank you for understanding this situation.

Contact the Admin Office in the Event of Student Absences

If your child will be absent from the school, please email or phone the admin office to let us know. If your child has any symptoms of Covid-19, contact the office first, before you take them to the screening center.

PTA Meeting on Tuesday 1 September

HFS will have its first Parent Teacher Association meeting at 3:35 on Tuesday 1 September. Please join us if you would like to be a part of this important and valued school organization. I look forward to seeing you there.

Quick links to Important HFS Documents

For your convenience we have included links to important documents, policies and protocols that have been updated in the Summer break. Please follow the links to familiarize yourselves with these files.

2020/21 Parent Handbook

– 2020/21 Term 1 Planner

HFS E-Learning Protocol

– HFS COVID-19 Protocol

HFS Health, Safety and Environment Policy

That is all for this week. Thank you for your continued support and do have a wonderful weekend.

Mr. Kearney

Continuing with in-class teaching and learning

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Dear Parents,

In light of the Korean government’s recent implementation of “Level 2” social distancing measures to combat the spread of Covid-19 and to alleviate any concerns you may have, we must clarify HFS’s decision to remain open with in-class teaching and learning.

The directives issued forth by the Korean Ministry of Education dictate that under Level 2 lockdown guidelines, schools with fewer than 60 students may continue to operate without limiting the number of students present at the school. Since HFS meets this criteria and we have strict Covid-19 policies and practices, we will keep the school open and continue with in-class teaching and learning.

If at any time the social distancing is elevated to “Level 3”, HFS will immediately shutdown and online learning will commence.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this regard.

Newsletter 2020/21 Term 1 Starts

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Dear Parents,

I am extremely excited that the 2020/21 Academic year at HFS will commence on Monday 24 August to regular, in-class teaching and learning and I am pleased to have so many familiar faces returning as well as a number of new members joining the HFS community this year.

In the age of Covid-19 we must be constantly vigilant and disciplined to ensure that the virus does not spread within our school community. Please click here to read the HFS Covid-19 health and safety protocol and ensure that you understand and comply with it fully. Parents must ensure that their child is wearing a mask as they come to school on Monday. If any child is showing signs of a fever, cough or any other Covid-19 symptoms they must remain at home until the symptoms pass.

The HFS bus will be operating as normal so parents are reminded to have their child be at their designated bus stop promptly for collection. Due to guidelines suggested by the Ulsan Metropolitan Office of Education, we will unfortunately not be having after-school club activities this term and school will run from 09:00 am until 3:30 pm each day when the school bus will depart to drop your child off if you have signed up for this service.

Please also ensure that your child has a water bottle, snack and lunch packed. I would like to remind parents to update the school contact form with any new information in the form of contact numbers, addresses, dietary restrictions or medical conditions that your child may have.

I look forward to 2020/21 being an exciting and rewarding year at HFS and can’t wait to see everyone return and to welcome new friends to our school.

Thank you for your continued support.

Best regards,

Mr. Kearney