HFS Newsletter – Term 3 – Week 2

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Residential Trip

Everyone is very excited about the Residential Trip next week. Mr Dunn’s class and Mr de Klerk’s class will be spending three days at Unmoon Recreational Forest. We will be leaving on Wednesday and coming back on Friday. On the trip students will be hiking, rock climbing, visiting a temple and lots of other fun activities. Students will learn Confidence, Responsibility and Environmental Awareness.

For students going on the trip, there will be a meeting for students on Monday afternoon where we will give some final instructions and packing lists.

One problem that parents could help with is how to get bags to school on Wednesday. If possible, it would really help if bags could be delivered to school on Tuesday or Wednesday morning. It is possible to bring your bag on the normal school bus but it might get a bit crowded if everyone does this!

Mindfulness Club

Here is a schedule for Mindfulness Club with some items the students will need to bring.

Staying in a Breaktime

Please remember that any student who needs to stay inside during break time and or lunchtime needs to have their parents inform the Admin Office by phone or email.

We really like all our students to go outside during break and lunch as it benefits their learning and concentration. Many students staying inside also causes problems for the Admin Office and teachers, cutting into the time they have to prepare for lessons. It also makes supervising all students more difficult.

We will respect all parent requests for students to stay inside but we also ask that you are considerate and aware of the difficulties it can cause.

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