HFS Newsletter – Term 2 – Week 1

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We have enjoyed a very happy and successful first week back in school and it has been great to see everyone again.

After School Activities

After-School Activities will begin next week (Week 2).

Here is a list of who has signed-up for each club. Please check carefully as some students have not been added to activities that they signed-up for but that were not open to their class.

NB – Payment for Jouini Sports Club in due in Week 2 – 70,000won

If you have any questions about After-School Activities please contact the Admin Office.

Bus Schedule

Please remember that the bus schedule in the afternoon will change in Week 2, as After-School Activities have started.

Swimming – After School Activity

Thank you to everyone who responded to the survey about after-school swimming lessons. The biggest group we can make is beginners so we will open the activity to beginners.

Students involved in swimming will need, a towel, swimming costume, goggles and a swimming cap.

NB – Payment for swimming is due in Week 2. – 300,000won

Lunar New Year Celebrations

We will be celebrating Lunar New Year on Thursday 19th January. On this day students will be invited to wear traditional Korean Hanbok or traditional national dress from another country. The student will have the opportunity to play and range of traditional Korean games, eat rice cake and to learn about customs and traditions of Korea.

The school will be closed for the Lunar New Year Holiday on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th of February.

Mid-Year Reports and Parent-Teacher Conferences

Mid-Year reports will be published on Friday 3rd February (Week 4) and Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held in the following week (Week 5). Your child’s class teacher will be in touch with arrangements for Parent-Teacher Conferences.

In the meantime, please remember that teachers and the Principal are happy to meet with parents at any time. Please call or email to arrange an appointment.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs de Klerk

Congratulation to Mr and Mrs de Klerk on the birth of their daughter, Annabelle.

Mr de Klerk will be taking a few days off school to be with his family. Mr Green is covering his class.

Class Pages and Updates

Be sure to check out the latest Class Posts from your child’s teacher