HFS Newsletter – Term 3 – Week 9

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End of Year Trips

Please note that the arrangements for some end-of-year trips have changed due to the forecast of bad weather. Please remember to check your Class Update. Mr Dunn and Mr de Klerk’s classes are going to Gyeongju World on Monday.

Library during the holidays

Please return all library books next Friday so they can be checked. We will be opening the library during the Summer Holidays and further details will follow.

Last day of Term

Friday is a full day of school finishing at 3:30pm

No Clubs in Week 10 | School Bus Times

Please remember that the only club running in Week 10 will be Sports Club on Monday.

Please note that most students will be on the second bus on Monday due to Mr Dunn’s and Mr de Klerk’s class trip and Sports Club.

Here is the Bus Schedule for your reference.

Staff and Classes for 2022/2

Next year we have been able to hire an additional Teacher and Teaching Assistant. The majority of our current staff are also returning.

FS1/2 – Mrs McClellan

Year 1/2 – Mrs Sim and Mrs Temple (student teacher)

Year 3/4 – Mrs Leah

Year 5/6 – Mr Dunn (Maths with Mr de Klerk)

Year 7/8/9 – Mr de Klerk (English with Mr Dunn)

EAL – Ms Temple

Art – Miss Yuli

Music – Mr Green

Korean – Mrs Lee

Teaching Assistants – Ms Jiyu, Miss Yuli and Mrs Jasmine

  • Mrs Jasmine will be rejoining the school to work as a full-time Teaching Assistant. She is a very experienced Teaching Assistant who has worked with the school for many years.
  • Mrs Leah will be joining the school after completing her teacher training with Moreland University. Mrs Leah has been working in the school for the last term and we have been so impressed with her that we want her to join us full time. She is already well-known and liked by her students and everyone at HFS.
  • Ms Temple will be joining the school as a student teacher working mainly with Mrs Sim’s class. This is our third year working with Buckingham University student teachers and we are sure Ms Temple will be as successful as our previous student teachers – Mrs Sim and Mr Morgan. Ms Temple will also be teaching EAL on Thursdays.
  • Mr Dunn will teach English to Mr de Klerk’s class and Mr de Klerk will teach maths to Mr Dunn’s class. This way students in these classes benefit from seeing a different teacher and the teachers can specialise in the subjects they enjoy teaching the most
  • Mrs Mila will be leaving the school to take up an EAL teaching position at an International School in Malaysia. The school is tremendously grateful for the amazing work she has done with our EAL students this year and the transformation she has brought about in the library. We wish her all the best for the future. Ms Temple will be take over teaching EAL.
  • Miss Jiyu will be returning next year but will spend some time away from school in Term 1 welcoming her second baby into the world. Her maternity leave will be covered by an alternative Teaching Assistant. Congratulations, Mrs Jiyu!
  • Mr Morgan will be leaving the school after completing his teacher training with us. He will be moving to Jeju to live on the beach and surf every day. We are very grateful for the tremendous work he has done this year and we are sure he has a great teaching career ahead of him