HFS Newsletter – Term 3 – Week 8

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No Clubs in Week 10

There will be no clubs other than Jouni Sports Club in Week 10.

The bus will run according to a different schedule which you can see here.

All clubs are running in Week 9.

End of Year Reports and Parent-Teacher Consultations

End of year report will be published on Tuesday 14th June and will be sent home with students. Your child’s class teacher should have been in touch to arrange a Parent-Teacher Consultation Meeting sometime in Week 9 or 10.

End-of Year Trips

Each class will organise a fun end-of-year trip to celebrate and reward students for all their hard work. Make sure you have signed up for the trip on your child’s Class Page.

Classes and teachers for next year

We are busy finalising a few arrangements and will be able to announce classes and teachers for next year before the end of term.

At this time we are happy to tell you that:

  • All our current class teachers will be returning next year
  • We will be employing an additional class teacher and making an additional class
  • We will be employing an additional teaching assistant
  • All our management and Admin staff will be here next year

Anti-Graft Policy

If you are considering giving gifts at the end of the year, please remember that Korea has very strict laws preventing teachers from receiving gifts in most circumstances.

Further details are available here or from the Admin Office

Consultative Committee

As part of our process of continual school improvement, the school intends to form a Consultative Committee

The purpose of this committee will be:

  • To ensure smooth and effective communication amongst all stakeholders in the school
  • To help the school community acquire an improved understanding of the operation of the school
  • To more readily listen to the views and opinions of the community and reflect them in the management of the school

The committee will meet once per term and meetings will be attended by the Principal, Executive Board Member, representatives of teaching staff, administration staff and also representatives from among the parents.

Full details are available in the Consultative Committee Policy

If you would like to be included in the next ballot for the election of parent representatives please contact the Principal by email to express your interest. Elections will take place before the end of term.