HFS Newsletter – Term 1 – Week 10

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Global Citizenship Week

Next week (Week 11) is Global Citizenship week at HFS. Normal classes will pause for three days while the students all work on class projects linked to our school’s definition of ‘Global Citizenship‘. It should be a very interesting and exciting few days and a nice change of pace.

Mid-Term Break

Please remember that school will be closed on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th November for our mid-term break. I hope everyone can enjoy a bit of a rest and come back refreshed and ready to learn.


Recently, some students have suffered from a cold and flu bug.

Please remember that if your child is sick it is best that they stay away from school. We will still be here when you get better and you don’t want to risk making other students unwell. Any parents wishing to visit the school should also make sure they are not sick or potentially contagious.

Environmental Awareness

This week’s Core Value was Environmental Awareness. Each class has been thinking about ways we can be more environmentally aware.

Great Learning Happening

Little dinosaurs!
Young scientists experimenting with floating and sinking.
Cooking with Mr Morgan
They great… but how do they taste?
Cemistry in Mr de Klerk’s class
Look me up and down, I’m still the smartest teacher in town.
Solve equations in maths
Mrs Sim’s class learning about pushes and pulls.
Designing a costume for a clown.
The circus is coming to town1
Young architects
Designing and building in IPC with Mrs Sim