HFS Newsletter – Term 1 – Week 7

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It is Week 7 already and the term is nearly halfway through! There is always lots going on at HFS!

Cooler Weather

The weather is finally changing and autumn has arrived. We still like to be outside a lot for break times and P.E sessions so now might be a good time to think about bringing some warmer clothes.

Winter Show

There will be a Winter Show this year which will feature a Talent Show part. Now is time to start thinking about what you might want to do for the talent show.

Halloween Event

Remember that on Friday 29th October (2 weeks away) we will be having a Halloween Event at school. Students are invited to use their creativity to come up with a Halloween costume. If you don’t want to dress up that is also ok.

Thank you to everyone who has donated candy for this event. Donations are still open.

Book Sale

After tidying up in the library we have some books for sale. These will be available for parents and students to buy from Friday the 22nd of October. The books and an honest box will place in the foyer (outside the glass door). Books priced at the bargain price of 2000won each – please put your money in the honesty box on the book sale table. Sale proceeds will go towards supporting PTA events

Great Learning Happening

Ms McClellan’s class have been practising fine motor skills by sewing a spine on a Spinosaurus. Mr Green didn’t even know a Spinosaurus was a real dinosaur!

Mr Dunn’s class enjoying some time in the library.

Spelling test time in Mrs SIm’s class.

Toilet roll Diplodocus

Modigliani painting by Mr de Klerk’s class

Mr de Klerk’s class investigating non-Newtonian fluids

Mr Dunn’s class exploring a Sumerian tomb

Mr de Klerk’s class had to research, budget, plan and cook a vegetarian meal. Mr Green enjoyed taste testing the results!

Mr Sim’s class designed clown face-painting patterns and then found a clown to paint it on.