HFS Newsletter – Term 1 – Week 5

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It is great to see all the students back in school after the Chuseok holiday. We are already in week 5 and it is amazing to see the progress that our students are making already this year. Lots of great things have been happening in all the classes so make sure you check out the Class Updates.

New Bus Schedule

From Monday 4th October the bus schedule in the morning will be changing.

Because student numbers are going up we have the nice problem of not being able to fit everyone on one bus.

Clubs are running after school and the students are split so after school buses can stay the same

Here is a link to the bus full bus schedule and further information.

If you have any questions, please contact the Admin Office.

INCAS Assessments

This week students in Years 1+ have started doing their Cambridge InCAS Assessments. These assessments are completed online and help the school measure the progress our students are making. Results will be shared with parents as part of students mid-year reports.

Parent-Teacher Association

Mrs Sim has kindly volunteered to lead the Parent-Teacher Association this year. We all know Mrs Sim loves organising fun events for the kids so she is sure to do a great job. We didn’t receive any emails volunteering to lead the PTA.

Mrs Sim will be in touch soon to organise a meeting for Halloween.

Parent Volunteer – Board Game Project

If any parent would like to spend some time in school volunteering we have some board games that need some tender loving care. The job would involve checking all our board games to make sure all the bits are there and mending the boxes.

If you would like to help with this, please get in touch.

School Open 4th and 11 October

Just to confirm, school is open on Monday 4th October and Monday 11th October.

We have two days off in November.

Here is a link to the full calendar

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