HFS Newsletter – Term 1 – Week 3

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Quite a long and complicated newsletter this week with lots of information to share. I hope I have got all the details correct but if anything is unclear please just get in touch.

New Newsletter System

From this week we are trying a new automated system for sending the Newsletters and Class Updates. Hopefully, you should receive the Newsletter and Class Updates straight to your email inbox.

Remember, if you don’t receive an email, the Newsletter and Class Updates are always available on the School Website.

Thank you for your patience as we try to find an email system that works consistently. It is not an easy problem to fix!

After School Clubs

After school clubs will start in week 5 (the first week after Chuseok) and we have a wide range of clubs to choose from this term. Please help us by making sure that your child really wants to do the club that they are signed up for.

Please sign-up using this form

Board Games Club

Day – Monday

With – Mr Green

Available to – Year 1+

Let’s play some different board games together. Chess – Set – Monopoly – Cluedo – Risk


Independent Study Time – Homework Club

Day – Tuesday

With – Mr Green

Available to – Year 3+

Do your Homework – Do some Mathletics – Read – Code. We provide a quiet space and some support, you get learning. NB – You need to come to this club knowing what you are going to do.



Day – Monday

With – Ms McClellan

Available to – Year 1+

Let’s prepare a great production for the Winter Show!



Day – Wednesday

With – Mr Dunn

Available to – Year 3+


Basic Body Movement and Gymnastics

Day – Friday

With – Mr de Klerk

Available to – Year 5 and younger

Let’s learn how to do some gymnastics and basic body movements.


Reading Club

Day – Wednesday

With – Mrs Sim

Available to – Year 1-3

I will read you a story, you can read me a story, maybe we will do some art based on our stories.



Day – Thursday

With – Mrs Lee

Available to – Year 1+

A chance to study some more Korean. (We will see who is interested and then decide how this cub will work)

Chuseok Celebrations

We will be celebrating Chuseok next Friday (17th) afternoon. The students will play some traditional Korean games and learn a little bit about this important Korean holiday.

Students are invited to wear Hanbok or their own national dress if they want to. Wearing special clothes is optional and just coming to school dressed normally is completely fine as well. There is also no need to go and buy anything just for school.

It is getting cooler

Some students have been complaining about being cold on the bus or in class. At the same time, some other students still think it is too hot. We like to have the air-conditioning on and windows open to make sure air is circulating.

It is a good idea for students to bring their school hoodies or another top to wear at school or on the bus if they feel cold.

P.E Attire

Please remember that students need to be dressed appropriately for P.E lessons. This is very important for safety.


  • P.E is mostly on Tuesdays and Fridays but you can check the class timetable on the school website.
  • Sports shoes are very important
  • The school grey P.E shirt is preferred, but not compulsory
  • Long hair should be tied-up
  • Jeans should not be worn

Scholastic Book Clubs

Remember book club!

Go to this website to browse the latest books and order online. 

Please place your order online by Friday 17th September

The books will be delivered to the school.

PTA Meeting

We will have our first PTA Meeting on Wednesday 15th September at 3:45 pm.

This meeting is to organise a Halloween event for the kids and all parents are welcome.

If you would like a meeting to discuss any issues other than the Halloween party Mr Green is always available.

Library Helpers

A big thank you to all the parents who have been helping out in the library this week. The massive jobs of cataloguing all our books are progressing nicely and the library is becoming a nice place for reading and research.

Staff Vaccinations

All staff at HFS has now received their COVID-19 shots and are fully vaccinated.

Great Learning