Newsletter 2020/21 Term 2 Week 4

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Lunar New Year

Next week is the Lunar New Holiday.

The school will be closed for the holidays on Thursday and Friday next week. We wish you all a happy and peaceful Lunar New Year!

The students are welcome to wear Hanbok or other National Dress on Wednesday 10th February. This is entirely optional. We will be doing some small scale activities in class, but there won’t be a whole school celebration this year.

Trip to the Hyundai Art Centre

School trips are back!

We are planning to take the students to the Hyundai Art Centre on Tuesday 16th February to see the exhibition of Anthony Browne illustrations. There is no cost for this trip and it will happen during school time. The students will be doing some follow-up work in Art and Library time.

Chatting with new parents

We are looking for a little help. It would be nice to be able to put families thinking of joining HFS in contact with parents who already have children enrolled. This way new families might be able to get a fuller picture of HFS and be able to make an informed decision. We would hope that you would have mostly nice things to say but you could give any honest opinion that might be helpful.

If you would be willing to occasionally speak with a new family, please let Mr Green know. We would appreciate your help.

Welcome Iris

We are very happy to have Iris join us in Mr Dunn’s class. We hope you will be very happy at HFS.

Assembly and Birthdays

School assemblies have been moved to Fridays and we will be celebrating birthdays at the end of each month. If you would like to send treats to share for birthdays, this would be the best time. February birthdays will be celebrated on Friday 26th February. Treats are entirely optional.

Great Learning Happening!