Newsletter 2020/21 Term 1 Week 16

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Unfortunately, the COVID-19 situation has finally caught up with us here at HFS. Today we were contacted by the Ulsan Metropolitan Office of Education to inform us that all schools in Ulsan are required to stop in-person classes until further notice.

Starting from Monday 14th December we will be E-Learning until further notice. This will definitely be for all of next week, until the Winter Holiday. We are hoping that the situation improves and that we will see the students again at school on January 11th. We will keep you informed over the holidays.

This is obviously an unfortunate situation, but please know that the school will do everything possible to ensure that our students have a productive and enjoyable last week of term. We are already adept at E-Learning and hopefully it will only be for a short time.

Arrangements for E-Learning

  • Today (Friday 11th), all students should have brought home their school laptops and packs of learning materials for use next week.
  • Please set-up a quiet place to work with some basic stationery supplies.
  • If you experience any technical problems during E-Learning please contact the School Office. Miss Yujin will be able to help while lessons are going on.
  • Another package will be sent on the school bus on Monday afternoon. This package will also contain your child’s report for Term 1.
  • Students who do not take the bus will receive packages by post.
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences on Thursday 17th can still go ahead as planned and appointments can be made through the school office. If you would like to cancel your online appointment because of the change in circumstances please let us know. We will make sure that everyone is able to meet their child’s teacher in some way soon.
  • The Winter Show is postponed for the time being. We are still planning to do something in the new term as the students have been practising hard and were looking forward to the show
  • There will be some fun festive activities in the final week of term
  • If everyone is good and works hard next week the school bus may bring a special visitor with gifts on Friday. 🎅🏻

Please keep us informed

The local medical authorities have asked the school to pass on the following notice.

  • If any student has a family member who has taken a Covid-19 test please inform the school. Even if a test result comes back negative.
  • If a student’s family member has been informed by the medical authorities to self-isolate, the student must self-isolate for the same period as the family member.
  • If any family experiences any other particular circumstances related to Covid-19 please inform the school.
  • Any information provided to the schools in connection with Covid-19 will be treated with strict confidentiality according to personal information protection regulations. As such, please be sure to inform the schools in case you experience any particular circumstances related to Covid-19.

Please keep us informed, even during E-Learning and the Winter Holiday. The school is an official part of the chain of information for COVID-19 cases.

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